Friday, October 23, 2009


Sacrifice. Is it same as surrender? It could be in some instances. But why would most people claim it as heroic? What would push them in performing such a valiant mode, or could it be rather idiotic since there is no guaranteed exchange of prize? Who categorizes rewards? Is it even diplomatic to warrant “big risks for big rewards”?

If we put meaning in all we do, would that be entirely wrong? Who must authenticate the level of its significance? Or the question is, is it even essential?

What drives people to arrive at certain decisions? What happens if we do not have one at all, and just rely on fate? And is fate unambiguous at all? Who must have defined it?

When do we submit that what comes to us is actually our destiny? Ain’t there really no any work-around to turn things the other way? Of which product is the what-if?

Equilibrium. Gravity. Uniform distribution. Law of Physics. Is it always right to believe and subscribe? When would each be applicable, and to which condition only? Wouldn’t that be over selective? But who ever said that life is fair?

Is it always practical to consider the principle of the carrot and stick? What about karma, or conscience? Aren’t these two supposed to be the ultimate guiding factors for supreme dispositions?

It is a fact that being alone is not synchronous to being lonely. Agreeably, lonely is a sad word. There is not even another better word to put it other than that. Lonely, sad, desperate, suicide. That’s just chronologically heartbreaking, or could it get any worse?

Comparatively then… when people are alone, either they are sad, or just being themselves, or with themselves, or by themselves. Case closed.

[Well, it is moot that I prefer the latter. Maybe it is in solidarity where I am, but I can tell that I’m not lonely at all. Actually, I’m even inspired! What? Why would anyone even have to question that?]

But hey, isn’t it a fact that the idle mind usually generates the greatest of thoughts, innovations, inventions, or even new life? Or on the other hand, unending thread of questions which would rather complicate rationalities right upon the attempt to dissect and decipher for exact reasons.

Thus the tons of questions; which people do not usually engage to when they are into something more relevant or significant situation in response to human’s continued existence, but are inevitable for those who are mistreated of unfortunate circumstances.

If not to further complicate matters:

You reap what you sow. Do unto others what you want others do unto you. Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you. They may sound familiar and mean the same to some novice, but not to further scrutinizing individuals. Let’s put some mortal and statistical dynamics unto each, and check which one is realistic, and which one is virtual.

You reap what you sow. Okay, yes, maybe. But hope has no guarantees. Ever heard of false hopes?

Do unto others what you want others do unto you. If I religiously pay my dues, would I be compensated back my rights in due time? Ever heard of corruption?

Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you. Is not doing bad, the same as doing good? So if I do nothing, have I actually done outstanding?

Why does everything seem to be complicated rather than just to be simple? What makes anything to be harder than how they appear to be? Hovering questions, doubts, uncertainties, worries, fears, retributions, yada-yada-yada…

But watching the sun go down at the end of the day, there is one thing sure that is undeniable. It all boils down to choices made, wisdom, responsibility, and attitude.

Putting all in just one word; serenity it is…

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference.

Tranquilly being positive, that is my ultimate prayer that each soul shall be. And compellingly without an iota of reservation, it shall only be the time when the illusive “world peace” (whatever that means, though it sounds good… I think) can walk the talk.

Difficulties usually arise every time premium is particular to the consequence, rather than the objective. When greater attention is provided on the collateral damage rather than the magnitude of the goal, adversities is born. The trade of life shall never be square or flat, no matter what. Like animosities, the curbs on each path shall just be there waiting for us to hit on, or bump to, and toss up some of our dearest stuffs along the process. We just can not keep them all. And there is just no turning back against the tick-tock…

Live life. Love. There’s just no better way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Never Holding Back

As some people would not be aware of, a number of freedom websites (i.e.: Youtube, Facebook, Wordpress, Blogspot, etc…) are blocked here in China where I happen to be situated as an OFW - obviously in compliance to the policy of their government. Actually, and in all honesty, I don’t really have any problem with that, as I am not even privileged to question such a policy. Each country is governed by their own rules, which is expectedly to be different from the laws of where I came from. Just unluckily for me, it so happen that one of the things I am into is among those that is not in line to their thingy’s.

Modesty aside, I can only care less about the other blocked sites, for I am not much into those - except for this one. Well, common’… give me a break..! Blogging is the only sensible past time that I can ever imagine in my location, considering my situation – being literally isolated in so many ways; from my family, my native land, and even to the people here for the main reason that I can not speak their native tongue.

Of course I am not inclined to write everyday, but just with the thought that my blog site is now again accessible from where I am, of which probably had as well been waiting for updates of my ‘Pulitzer Prize bound’ manuscripts, then I can always be in good mood to use up my idle moments in a more significant way, again, like… right now.

Thus why I feel extremely happy today. A colleague has provided me of a free VPN that can unlock all the above-stated sites, and now I have the high of optimum adrenalin to do what I have always longed to do. Hopefully that the effectivity of my towering horse shall be infinite – or at least until this country would realize the true essence of full democratic sovereignty (whatever that means, because I really have to admit that I have no effin’ idea what would that ever mean at all, trust me), and shall just open the gates of all freedom websites.

But nevertheless, still I’m vastly ecstatic that I can do this again. Now I can express my inner self in three stages; when I’m feeling high, or low, or both – not necessarily in that particular order. Whichever stage I am at doesn’t really matter at all, because the common denominator is – I shall be composing one of these stuffs anyway.

So many good, and yes, not so good things happened to my surrounding for the past few months during my lull. Needless to mention of my itch to put words into any of those situations, I’ve always prayed that one day, one fine moment shall push me to write about those in another time. And so it did! Now, I’m just glad about this chance where I can carve again.

So, I think this is it! This is really is it..! I can roll and slide once again...!

Lock and load. Ready, aim, and dock!