Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sixty-eight and gone, but was never lost

I must have seen it all, just by being the eldest
We started from nothing, which to others may even be less
You teach and live in Aparri, Mommy goes to NCC
And periodically, Philippine Rabbit would juggle me.

I was four, and Lore Lyn came by to us hushing
I didn’t like the name, you let me choose 'Caren'
Had our first picture together on Mom’s graduation
Soon she’ll be out there to mentor other children.

Another four years passed, a brother to us you’d give
Lore Junn had an ‘e’ just when to Saudi you’d leave
After a year you’d come home, he picks you from MIA
He grew so fast, you asked “Who’s child is this, Mama?”

Back to the dessert to provide us more from less
Built us a house to alleviate us with the others
Unfortunate events had pinched your heart and rethink
You can’t stand the camels, you seriously think they stink.

You came home, back to teaching, no more leaving us again
Wisdom you’d infuse upon us and altogether we’d dream
All three kids in school, just the duo of you couple at home
For eleven years, that’s the life you had with Mom.

But when your youngest pride was about to graduate
You said you are done; no more challenge left to take
Health was not your friend, it thumped you up quite fast
You hastily left us just when our lives were about to start.

By then I had family, same as your “only girl in the world”
Janina you’d love to carry, and Micah so delicate to hold
Those short memories with you are still fresh in their minds
You conquered their hearts - they still cry for you, Dad.

Your teachings, your antics, your laughter, just everything
You packaged us expansively, life’s tests can get a beating
An ace you left us, Mom is always on our sides each time
She steers us back to track, altering tough life sublime.

That even if all of your kids are thousand miles apart
Each thing you taught us always brings us a bright spark
A hint how to get around about life, whip it and succeed
Not necessarily richly, just enough to quench our needs.

Humble kind of life, that’s the very lesson you instilled in us
After all, seems we never got away from your strict standards
We are still the same guys that you well loved and raised, Dad
No way you can’t recognize us when we meet again for last.

Just too bad, we don’t miss you that much anymore, Dad
You made our lives complete, all we see is your watermark
You are reminded whenever we are filled with blessings
You baked us so well, how can we not say but good things.

Tell us Dad, how could we miss you at all, anyway
Our thoughts and hearts you would occupy always
It’s been so long and we still celebrate your birthday
Do you receive all our greetings and messages, by the way?

Must have been your sixty-eighth this fifth of December
The thirteenth time you’ll miss your party as I remember
Naturally there’ll be cakes and prayers and singing again
And yes Dad you’ll reign, surely we’ll be chanting your name.

There shall be more poetry, adoring your memories
You may have to wait and see our cheerful kids hymns
From the traits you bequeathed us, for sure they won’t miss
Because of you we become the creation of your dreams.

Happy birthday Dad, from Mommy who’d still call your name
From us your kids and all of your six bubbly grandchildren
You crafted a big one here, you must be smiling up there now
Your legacy shall remain, it’s still unblemished, somehow.