Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dear Facebook

It has been noted that you have infiltrated a lot of private lives. No amount of intoxication – neither by liquor nor by prohibited drugs - could even match your capability by ease to let people voluntarily or by others, expose their long kept secrets and love stories and childhood memoirs and high school crushes and first kiss and college boyfriends and girlfriends and embarrassments and weaknesses and other forgettable moments and fun memories of their lives - I included. Your feat has been an upheaval beyond manuscripts, and worse is to see that no one is even willing to be rehabilitated from their addiction of you.

This is in direct manifest that I will face you toe-to-toe. I will not blink, and I will not back off. As you keep following me - that even in my dreams you'd not let me off, so that in retaliation, I will be very vigilant of you too. I will watch your every move, and I will never let you loose. I will hold grip on your every trail, as I try to surpass all your stuffs so you won't be any prouder anymore.

To expose your motives, you have made mimes speak their hearts. You have let people express their opinions and interpret their minds to fit with the flow, or can we just agree and label it as the hype? Yes, you always tend to update fashion every six hours and now people are going gaga on almost everything. I can't call that an upgrade because of your very untimely and ever changing mood, err… mandate! At times you'd even keep people sleepless but tireless, or even preferring virtual over reality in most cases. You've ferried the loudest laughters in zero decibel. What a lame...

You may not have thought at all, but you've crept into a lot of business entities as not many people even send snail mails anymore. Not many people send text messages now because interactivity has been more prompt through you. Not so many voice calls are even necessary anymore as our mobile phones had also been interfaced by you. There are no more photo albums in our living rooms since you became the keeper of our mementos. Tell me; just how heartless and unkind do you even plan to be?

An eye for an eye, I will then collect as many photos as I can and post and share to every human beings around the globe and eat up all your bandwidth until you crawl. I will share a lot of stories for others to comment on, and make you feel so twisted and dazzled on how to catch up or even jump in since some inputs would be traced back even before you even existed. I will proceed with a solid battle plan to invite more friends without any thought of subduing your inhabitants. That the only control I will mend you is to let those undesirable invites just hanging and not out-rightly ignoring them so they'd continue to proliferate some of your strength.

Generally, you just held me clueless of my objective now, and I am not even sure what to jot next. Being perceived as humanitarian - though I'm not sure if you are, I only ask you one single favor.

Got a pill..?

Friday, June 04, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

03 June 1994, I told you; “I can’t stand this anymore. We must have been through this thing separately many times. Either we agree to the next level or call it quits”. And you replied, “What about this coming Wednesday?” And that was it! On that 8th of June, we went to Manila City Hall by ourselves - with just about a thousand pesos above poverty line. Single-hood was rescinded, and we went home as couples.

Sixteen years later, here we are. The sail was rough, but the adventure was all worth it. Now blessed with three amazing daughters, that even along the tests of times, if my love for you is a disease, with its magnitude and enormity, I would say that it must have long been diagnosed as benign. My heart only beats for you, and I am sure it shall go on forever. Not because you always love me back, but because I knew that I was cursed to love you.

I can not yet say that you complete me, because we still have a long way to go. We are not yet done. As a matter of fact, we must have just come out from honeymoon stage when it concerns our partnership in building our family. As we see our children grow, we are just like paddling off the estuary through the ocean of greater life where the stakes are higher. There is yet a bigger battle to come, and it will be a lot harder, or even bloodier - so to speak. But having you by my side shall make all those challenges far manageable. And I hope you feel the same way my most beloved one, or I may not survive.

For the last sixteen years, we leapt through a lot of stages. And I’m inclined to believe that the scars of our debacles are now dazzling like golden tattoos in our hearts. It’s still a far cry, but then again, we’ve survived another year honey. Thank you for coming into my life… into our lives… and hope you’d hang on for more. Not because you are stuck, but because it is where you belong. You and me to be together until we breathe our last, and our children too.

And to our three wonderful gems, we assure you that we will never cease dreaming for you. We are not yet very proud of what we have done to our family because Papa and Mama will always cling on the vision of a better us, or you in particular. I cry for the moment that you will significantly appreciate what I and Mama will bring onto you, with the hope that your future will be a notch better than we can imagine. So please cling on too, our dearest kids. Continue to shower us of better reasons to smile. Always be the source of our strength, and the wind beneath our wings as we soar higher and higher each day. Inspire us to be on focus, as we promise to dedicate our lives only to you.

And to you Mama, as I pledge my loyalty to our vows, that even without you saying it - I shall always embrace to your assurance that we are in this together. I love you, honey… and I’ll always will.

Happy Anniversary..!