Thursday, September 29, 2011

Waltzing Carla Juliana... @ 7

Our Beloved Jia,

There are just so many things I want to tell you today, and being lost of words may not be enough for an excuse that I can only say a few. So I guess I shall only pick the most essential thoughts that come to mind so easily:

You taught us the element of surprise; you came into this world three months before your due - being preterm (premature). You caught us quite a bit, but we nevertheless cheered.
You taught us the spirit of struggle; that even with your tiny frame holed with various tubings, you kept your composure and rayed us with hope by your imaginary sunken smiles, as if telling us to keep our cool. The fight was never easy, but the battle has to be won.
 You taught us the significance of the air we breathe; without ventilators available, even as my tears would drop on your thinly skin, I manually pumped your lungs as they were dysfunctional when you arrived. And you held your ground. And we as a team did it.

You taught us how to beat time; I had to hammer the highways in the first eight hours since your birth to look for your surfactant to give you a fighting chance. Divine direction pulled me where it was. And you chanted; "Bring it on, Pa’. I have this!"

Taking everything more lightly now, those antics of yours brought out the best among us. And now you have become a great joy to everyone as you’ve turn out to be just another important reason to survive life’s challenges.

You would not understand all these now, my little child. But one day you’ll find your way to read this, and fathom how you affected our hearts. There is no any better manifestation of what you have brought us more than the will to live life accurately – notwithstanding the tests of time. The aura that you paint in your cheeks never fails to amuse us.

You graduated from Kindergarten, and Papa was away and wasn’t by your side as you marched with your petite white gown. Mixed feelings that day, so I just filled my thoughts of you; as I imagined my arms were wrapped all over you, while my lips are pressed all over your pretty, lovely, tiny little face - always full of smile and inspiration.

And now you have just turned seven. All your baby teeth aren’t gone yet, but the kiss you plant on our cheeks and lips would always bring us to cloud nine. You are simply a manifestation of pure magic because you wipe away our discomforts so swiftly, and instantly switch our moods to be passionate about striving for a better life – always. Exhaustion and tiresomeness can be shoved quickly, and your music would toggle us to happy mode easily – no sweat, hands down, so big time!

Well, it’s still a long shot before you can overcome the shadows of your hardly fought struggle, but I promise you that with us all being tight and always driven, there shall never be another way but for all of us to get better everyday. Our team will be strong, and consequential difference will be inevitable - simply because you are a part of it.

Be it as it may, in behalf of your elder sisters, our salutation with Mama to your every achievement comes with our tightest hugs. This must be just one great start of your humble beginnings. I know there is yet more to come.

We love you, our beloved Kalempoink. Walk on, go ahead, explore the world, and soar up high. Do not ever worry of your tiny wings. Before those get tired of flapping, our love and support will lift you up again – always, and forever. That’s not a promise you can count on, but rather our pledge of love and support you have to expect.

All of our kisses… All of our love…
Our world is yours…